V Internacional Folklore Festival „OPOCZNO 2015”

Reprezentacyjny Zespół Pieśni i Tańca Ziemi Opoczyńskiej „Tramblanka” – Poland


KUD „Ivan planina“ – Tarčin, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Like Ivan saddle has always been strategic point in long history of B&H, in the same way KUD „Ivan planina“ from Tarčin is huge and indispensable strategic point in entire cultural evolution of Tarčin and surroundings including whole municipality Hadžići.

KUD „Ivan planina“ has been founded in 1949, when the group of enthusiasts togeteher started to perform on dances, social evenings, parties… They cherished folklore and authentic folk songs. They worked in school, musical classes, and sections. Very soon, small group outgrew in group from 100 boys and girls.

In 1954 with Šantić’s „Hasanaginica“, association won 1st place on district competetion amateurs’ clubs. This association has been developing characteristic tradition of social evenings and dances with show in live and music of folk and diverting band in always full clubhouse in Tarčin. This club  flourished at the end of 70-es and beginning of 80-es… Hardworking amateurs have performed on many manifestations and all cultural-artistic events in Hadžići, but also in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Hungary, Montenegro and Turkey. They have performed on many festivals of folklore in B&H.

One of the greatest successes is winning 3rd place among 39 folklore clubs on 11th Festival of authentic folklore B&H on Makljen 1979. With many other commendations and awards KUD „Ivan planina“ won Fifth-aprilian placard Hadžići.

The brginning of war just for short time has adjourned work of club, and amateurs started to gather 1994. After war, to some extent, restored hall of clubhouse Tarčin, continue to live this amateur group. Today club has about 120 members, mostly gathered in folklore and music sections. Folklore and musical tradition of all nations and ethnic groups in B&H, and neighbouring countries is being nurtured.

At the moment folklore section has 9 choreographies for which possesses authentic folk coustumes and musical instruments. After war club perform on numerous manifestations and festivals in Hadžići but also in Sarajevo, Vogošća, Konjic, Mostar, Ustikolina, Bosanska Otoka, Ulcinj, Rožaje, Gaziantep, Silifke, Fethe, Bijeljina, Ključ, Čelić and Maoča… Club is also a winner of Golden placard municipality Hadžići.

At the end of 2014 this club will celebrate a  very rare  jubilee, 65 years existing. About work of this association, press has written but also you can find out about us on the internet.

Program of the folk dance ensemble:

Bosnians’ plays and songs from region of Hadžići

Bosnians’ plays and songs (4 choreographies)

Plays and songs of Serbian folk from region of Sarajevo field

Plays and songs of Croatian folk from region of Bihać (Žegara)

Plays and songs from region of Glamoč (deaf-mute kolo)

Plays and songs of Gypsy folk (Duj-Duj)

Play and songs from Kosovo (Rugovo)

Bakir Mehremić

president of association


Folk  Dance  Ensemble DREVAR –  AYFAS _ Slovakia


The folk dance  group  came into being in 1979   in the region of norhern  Slovakia in ethno region Kysuce.

During the period of its existence ensemble performed on several cultural events and festivals i. Speaking about its performances abroad, it took part in more than 800 performances not only in Slovakia but abroad as well, for example: Poland, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Croatia, France , Portugal, Sweden. It was applauded not only by audience from Europe. In 1997 ensemble participated on the Eisteddford in The Republic of South Africa, where it won the highest, golden acknowledgement. In 2004 was represented to an audience of Mexico / Zacatecas / and during its tour performed in several mexican cities. In 2007 was represented on The  Festival in Turkey in Bursa, in 2009 in Portugal and in 2012, 2013 in Macedonia.

All these succeses are the result of tough and virtuous work of its dancers, solists and musicians.  The amount of all the members of the ensemble  is approximately 30, in the age between 18 up to 35.

The repertory of dances and songs has a wide range and is inspired by the culture of all the regions of Slovakia. The repertory consists of not only dances from Kysuce, for example: Artisan dance,  The slaughtering of a Dragon, Czardas , Dance of a meadow, Regruts of Oscadnica, Dance of bandits, Dance from region Terchov,.. „Hrabačky“, Shepherds in the mountains, and the dance: The night before a wedding , but also of dances from another parts of our country, for example dances like:   Capas, dance from region Saris / like  Nad Flasou / up of bottle / , Karicka / girls dance /, dance from region  Horehron – „ Dupaný – stomping dance„… „ Wedding, „ Detvianska nálada – / mood from region Detva /,  Podpolianska mlaď / youth of Podpolan region /, dance with a flails,  typical dance  mountains „ Goral „ with adornment of boy  – eagle feather – the symbol of king of the mountain… etc..  .


Conjunto Folclórico „Tierra Linda” – Chile










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