The Folk Group of Music and Dance called TRAMBLANKA functions at the Town Community Centre in Opoczno, Poland. The TRAMBLANKA folk group was created in 1958 at the local Factory of Ceramic Tiles. For over 50 years the group has been using the music and dance folklore of the Opoczno Region. The Opoczno folklore is rich in its variety. The TRAMBLANKA folk group presents dance configurations from different regions in Poland, among others, from the regions of Opoczno, Sieradz, Łowicz, Rzeszów, Kraków and Lublin.

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The rich artistic programme and beautiful folk dresses are an excellent form of popularization of the Opoczno Region and the whole Łódź district not only in Poland, but also abroad. The group gave concerts in Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania and the countries of former Yugoslavia. At present the group consists of 90 persons taking part in dance and song activities in two age groups. The choreographer is Ms Marta Lewandowska, who continues the work of her father, Jacek Lewandowski, who was connected with the TRAMBLANKA folk group during the years 1993 – 2007, and also of her grandfather, who conducted the group during the years 1968 – 1993.

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The performances of the group are accompanied by the folk band with the following musical instruments: violin, side-drum, accordion, clarinet and double bass. With its performances, the group adds splendour to various celebrations in Opoczno region and represents our town in folk festivals in Poland and abroad, earning the popularity and recognition of the local communities. The group won numerous awards in folk festivals in Poland and abroad. Among others, the group won: “The Golden Slipper” award (Hungary), “The golden Lyre”and “The Golden Fir” awards (Kielce, Poland), Grand Prix in Retrospective of Traditions 2005 (Łódź, Poland) and 2nd place in All-Poland Folk Festival ”For the Striped Garment of the Łowicz region”.

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